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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Firebird restaurant NYC

When I think of Russian restaurants, there are really going to be two types. One is going to be authentic and the other is going to be stylized Russian (in other words, what people think of Russian food but not something your grandma would have made). Firebird is a Manhattan restaurant that I visited on a recent trip to NYC and I enjoyed the menu.

The Olivier salad was the classic recipe with a twist. Most homes will serve the recipe with boiled or steamed carrots or no carrots at all. This recipe was interesting in that there were pickled carrots instead of plain and the quail egg topping. The bologna was also a very strong flavored one instead of the standard veal bologna that most recipes call for. The result is a finely chopped potato salad with just the right amount of mayo, bologna, pickles, carrots and peas. This is one of the best items on their menu and is served on top of black bread. I would return just to have this again.

The veriniki (potato filled ravioli) are small but the dill and sour cream sauce make it a great dish. Personally I wish there were more of these on the plate.

Chicken Kiev was flavorful but very buttery.

The sea bass was perfection on a plate.

The desert menu is a little on the basic side but the bananas foster is worth the show. Almost everyone ordered this dish. 

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