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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Old Hollywood Makeup Look

Old Hollywood Glamour is one of my favorite makeup looks.

To create this look you will need:
1.       Foundation and powder in your shade
2.       Bright red lipstick
3.       Mascara and or false eyelashes
4.       Natural eyeshadow
5.       Shimmer eyeshadow

First apply foundation and powder as you normally would. Be sure to blend well in the chin area and around the t zone. Apply a natural eyehadow to your eyelids. I recommend Stila eyeshadow shade in Kitten. Top with a shimmer eyeshadow such as Urban Decay’s shade Midnight coyboy rides again. Add mascara and or false eyelashes. For the mascara I recommend Diorshow. For the false eyelashes Elf has a natural looking faux eyelash that is really great. And then add bright red lipstick to your lips like Chanel in the shade Lover. 

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