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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, March 18, 2013

Best snacks for the airport

It's no secret I am a traveler at heart. But what do you pack on your purse or handbag when you have a long trip ahead of you and don't feel like paying $7 for a slice of unhealthy pizza? 

A good piece of advice when you are traveling is to pack snacks rich in both protein and carbs to keep you energized and feeling full for longer. Avoid lots of sugar based snacks. 

A good recipes for some trail mix is:
1 part dried raisins or other dried fruit 
1 part nuts 
1 part pretzels 

I usually put this in a zip lock bag and this is a really good basic snack that is not messy, won't spill, and doesn't smell. 

Peanut butter on graham crackers is also another great treat to bring along and small bag of popcorn is good for those craving a salty treat. 

In terms of longer trips where I know I am going to be traveling for more than 4-5 hours I usually pack a turkey sandwich in a zip lock bag. I add all condiments to the sandwich beforehand (mayo and mustard). 

If I have to bring fruit I usually do apple slices in a zip lock bag. Apples are much better snacks than a juicy orange and less likely to spill on your suit or tshirt. 

Since there are restrictions in terms of liquids you can bring on flights (and beverages are heavy) I usually buy water or a drink from one of the airport vendors or I wait til I am on the flight and there are complimentary beverages.

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