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Monday, April 22, 2013

John Frieda Foam Haircolor Review - Dark Cool Pearl Blonde

Jennifer Aniston has one of  the most requested hair styles and hair colors in the world. Her hair color is best described as a dark blonde or light brown color with highlights and is very natural looking. Her natural shade is a dark brown. And there is where the beauty challenge begins because most women with dark hair (if they try to color at home) end up with brassy orange or red when they try to go for a shade or two lighter.

John Frieda Precision Foam Color Permanent Hair Colour, Dark Cool Pearl Blonde 7PBN

Over the weekend I went over to CVS and bought a box of the John Frieda foam hair color and I was not disappointed. The foam idea is unique and does prevent a lot of the blotchiness and uneven color when you try coloring at home. The color on the box is a little bit misleading- I found the color to be a true dark blonde (very similar to Jennifer Aniston's hair color) and on the box the color appeared to be more of a brown shade.

Overall a good concept and a good value. I preferred this shade to many L'oreal and Revlon hair colors I have tried in the past.

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