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Friday, June 28, 2013

Olivia Palmero - smoky eye look

You will need:

Smoky eye shadow quad. I recommend Chanel smoky eye. It is very fine and lasts all day. This is definitely a pricey piece of makeup but it lasts a very long time and I have found it to really be top of the line in terms of pigmentation. A less expensive eye shadow that is similar is the ELF smoky eye palette.

Eyeliner. I recommend Victoria's Secret. These run 12 dollars, last forever, and smudge very well.

Foundation, lip gloss that is clear, and a light blush. For all of these I recommend Revlon.

Primer for eyeshadow - Clinique

Mascara - Diorshow

To start, apply foundation primer, eye shadow primer and foundation as usual.

Apply the medium grey shade to the entire lid. Apply some of the lighter grey shade in the inner corner of your eye and use the white shade near your tear duct. Apply the black shade to the outer corners of your eyes and blend well. Also apply black eye shadow as eyeliner under your eye.

Use the eyeliner pencil in the waterline on the top and bottom part of your eye.

Apply your favorite mascara.

Apply a light lipstick and a small amount of blush as a contour.

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