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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catch 31 VA Beach

Another hit in VA beach. I was walking along and noticed live music playing right outside of Catch 31. This place offers ocean view dining, live music and a very hip crowd. It is often very crowded and my understanding is that they do not take reservations unless you are a local (you can check their facebook page). I was told half hour wait and they seated me in just 10 minutes outside near the live band. 

The spinach dip with crab is a good starter but I wish this dip had more crab. The dip is heavy on the artichoke and mayo and light on the crab and spinach

The bookbinder soup is really good and I preferred this dish to the dip because it had more seafood and was perfectly seasoned. 

The salmon is fresh. How do I know? They ask you how you want it cooked and even recommended medium done. And the taste is off the charts. It is served on a wooden plank with a grilled lemon.  

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