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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Virginia Beach travel tips

1. Buy your own umbrella. They (beach patrol) want to charge you $40 a day for an umbrella and two lounge chairs. You can buy an umbrella only one block from the beach in one of the shops for only $6.99. It is highway robbery to get charged $40 PER day for only 9-5 access to a chair and umbrella. 

2. Avoid the lemonade and hot dog stands. Not just for sanitary reasons. I was very disappointed to see fresh squeezed lemonade priced at $5 a cup that only contained half of a lemon. Another rip off. 

3. Make sure your waterfront hotel actually has a waterfront room in the same hotel. This is one of the bait and switch tactics. 

4. Catch31 has live music every night which is great if you like live music. If you don't be sure to not get a hotel right near there or you will be disappointed. 

5. Most of the hotels offer free bassinets and baby supplies if you are traveling with kids. 

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