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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, September 9, 2013

Alon Livine runway - dream of the future

I have never seen anything like the Alon Livine collection. It is original, unique, and I really loved almost every single piece in the collection. The vivid colors, the cutouts, and the slit thigh designs are really going to be popular. I also really like that he is doing the leotard in a completely new way. 

The leotard looks like it has wings. Wow. 

This is so beautiful it would be perfect for a trip to the Caribbean or in the South of France. 

Love the pink pop of color. 

Very wearable. Love the shoulder cutouts. 

The pink of this kimono is so pretty. The color really pops out at you and the sleeves make it very comfortable. 

This dress is my favorite. It is very red carpet

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