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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, September 16, 2013

BCBG - Summer love

BCBG has a very beautiful collection for Spring 2014. I love the cutouts which are a trend that is going to continue to be very popular. Vests are also making a comeback but the vests of 2014 are a lot different then the vests of 1994. We have vests that are black or in tones that go with everything. 

A more extreme example of the cutout trend from the runway. Very chic. .

And the dress jacket and pants here are done in a new way. I like the velvet burn out design. This is easy to style and recreate at home. Which just goes to show you what is old is new again. 

Hairstyles that are going to be in are straight and sleek and natural colors. I think many salons, include the famed DryBar, are going to see more request for very natural, healthy looking hair and flattering haircuts. 

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