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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Venexiana - my favorite show from fashion week

Everyone has their "favorite" show from fashion week. That one show that really makes your fashion week and inspires you the entire upcoming season. And for me that one show is Venexiana. A few years ago I saw my first fashion show and then I saw the Venexiana and it was like comparing a vending machine cake with a fancy cake. Venexiana is one of those "it designers" that continues to be super hot season after season. I always see a lot of celebrities when I attend and most of the time I can get a seat fairly close to the front row. 

I love how each one of the dresses literally hugs the model. The makeup here is flawless and the updos are always perfect without looking overdone. The braids that the models wore for this fashion show were perfect. No flyaways here. 

There is also a lot of shine in the designs here. The sequins, the shiny fabric and even the shiny lace. Love love love it. 

The one shoulder dress is coming back. 

So stunning! The blue and light pink place work perfectly together. 

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