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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, October 28, 2013

Formula X for Sephora

Formula X For Sephora - Xplosives Top Coats

When I visit Sephora I am constantly surprised by the new products. I noticed a new nail polish brand called "Formula X" for Sephora that is selling there now. The nail polish trends this year are taking regular polishes to an entirely new level. That makes sense as most women own at least one nail polish.

The marketing geniuses at Sephora even have these plastic little cards for you to try the nail polish on. Thunder (the shade seen above is seen here below on the card)

Made for you is seen here

I really liked both of these shades and ordered them from Sephora.com. I can't wait to get these in a day or two and tell you guys if they were great or not so much. 

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