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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Butterfly Conservatory - Key West

Our hotel had a free shuttle to Duval Street and the butterfly conservatory. I must say I never heard of the butterfly conservatory until the first day on Key West. A few other people on our shuttle were talking about it and said they really enjoyed going there or were going to go there so we decided to check it out.
Once you enter the conservatory it is like you enter a huge shrine to butterflies. The gift shop is a little overwhelming because there is so much stuff in such a small space. Once you pay admission you enter an information center with information about where the butterflies are from, and general facts.
Once you enter the greenhouse it is very warm inside. I would say 85 degrees if not greater and it is humid inside.
Even the seats are butterfly oriented.
The butterflies are everywhere and it is dreamlike because there are so many of them.
They are very beautiful
There are even plate set out for them with "butterfly food."
Look at that bright blue color. These are native to Australia.
Some of the other wild life in the conservatory are flamingos, small birds, and frogs.
Overall I really enjoyed my visit. It was well worth it to visit it if you are in Key West.

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