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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quilted ballet flats - style tip

French Sole Simple Classic Quilted Ballet Flat in Beige (creamblack) - Lyst

Ballet flats are the perfect alternative to a high heel on a weekend or your lunch hour. Cause let's face it- no one can wear heels all the time. Even though I am addicted to heels and when I am at work I am always wearing a pair of sky high heels as soon as it is lunch hour I change into my flats. 

First, heels can easily get caught in a grate or other even piece of side walk and you can literally fly flat on your face, break the heel off of the shoe, or worse. Ballet flats are easier on the eyes then most flat boots and add a chicness to most outfits. 

Now obviously the perfect flat is the Chanel quilted flat but this pair is by French Sole and is very similar for around $150. 

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