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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hemingway and what is up with all the cats?

If you are in Key West one of the great places to stop by is the Hemingway Museum if you are a fan of literature or history. If you are not a history buff this place may not be your best bet for an afternoon. Also, if you do not like cats or have allergies to them there are many of these on Key West. 

In fact the cats are everywhere. No joke. Everywhere. 

Hemingway collected 6 toed cats. He had around 50 of them that roamed his home. The "grandchildren" of the cats now occupy the home. They are everywhere any there are many of them. 

The furniture in the home is in excellent condition. No one except the cats can sit in the chairs and on the sofa. 

This is the type writer where Hemingway wrote many of this works. 

The pool and the penny have a special story. One of Hemingway's wives (he was married several times) bought a pool and had it installed while he was away. The pool cost 20k during the 20's. The house itself cost 8k. 
He threw a penny at her and said "you took my last red cent". 
He also had a urinal installed as a "work of art" to spite this particular wife. What a story. 

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