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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Margot Robbie "Wolf of Wall Street" Inspired Outfit

Dressed to the nines: Margot filmed one scene heading down the steps of the brownstone building, as Leonardo received a make-up re-touch

New kid on the block: This is the first big film role for Margot Robbie, who has appeared on short lived TV show Pan Am

Am I the only one in love with the outfit that Margot Robbie wore in the Wolf of Wall Street. The simplicity of the dress and the elegance of the heels and accessories make this outfit amazing.

Forever 21 dress 10.80. This dress is similar. Love the long sleeves here and the length is great too.

I'd pair this dress with a pair of black tights and sky high sparkly heels like these by Jimmy Choo. 

A dress that is slightly closer is this one by Dress the population 



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  1. Don't forget the pantyhose! That's the most important part of every outfit.