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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eve Lom Cleanser and Cloth

Eve Lom - Cleanser
Eve Lom - 3 Muslin Cloths

Eve Lom reminds me a lot of Dermalogica. The scent is nearly identical and is almost like a plant smell. The product is cleanser and treatment together. You apply on your face (you only need about a pea side amount, a dime sized amount if you are wearing heavy makeup), and then use the cloth and warm water to rinse. When you are done you put cold water on the cloth and use the cloth to rinse your face. It is a pretty good product but it is marketed as a luxury product and is expensive for what you are getting. This is a spurge if you plan on getting one product that "does it all" it does fit the bill. I found I did need a moisturizer afterwards as my skin felt a tad bit dry.

* As a side note: The muslin cloth are sold 3 for 22 dollars. This is just a piece of cotton cloth. Not worth the 22 dollars in my opinion you can go to any craft or fabric store and get a yard of the same product for $3.

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