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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jewelry Valentine's Day gift ideas - under $100

Kendra Scott ($65) 

Kendra Scott ($75)

Kendra Scott ($90)

Product Image
La Preciousa ($60 via Overstock.com)

Body Candy Faux Abalone SHELL Earrings at Sears.com
Body Candy ($4 via Sears) 

Product Image

Ardent Designs ($22 via Sears) 

Here are my top picks for jewelry items under $100. There are various ways to get the best deals on jewelry items but it does pay to shop around and also take your time when picking out a piece. Try not to shop last minute as that is when the available selection tends to sell out. 

Sterling silver is a great value for an item under $100. Also consider the size of the earrings and what the person wears. Do you see her wearing large earrings? Has she commented she loves a pair of smaller earrings or a statement necklace?

Kendra Scott is one of my favorite jewelry designers because her items are high quality, they tend to last, they look great, and in terms of price you get a quality item at a very competitive price. The resale value is also high and this is one of those items if you ever got tired of it and sold it on ebay you would get close to full value of the item. 

Silver tones look great for those wearing a lot of black, silver, grey. For women who wear a lot of cream, beige, brown gold tends to match more things in their wardrobe. 

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