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Monday, January 13, 2014

My chili recipe - quick and easy for a cold winter day

I make my chili using some fresh ingredients and a spice pack.

Basically I take 1 pound of ground beef and add 3 jalapeno peppers and a bunch of green onions. I brown the peppers with the beef to make it extra spicy. Then I drain the excess oil and add 1.5 cups of salsa. Garlic powder and paprika to taste.  

Meanwhile, in a separate pot I have a spice mix I use. I add 1 can of tomato paste.

Within 15-20 minutes when the spice mix is done I add it to the beef (which is brown at the same time) and mix. And this is good to go. It took my regular chili recipe and made it a lot quicker. Rice and beans are already in this mix.

Topped with a dollop of daisy sour cream or some cheese and this stuff is AMAZING. 

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