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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Preparing for fashion week - hair styles and hair inspiration

Fashion week only comes around twice and year and I must say, those two weeks are usually amazing. One of the first ways that I prepare is my selecting the hair styles and makeup. I try and wear a different hair style each and every day that week. 

Here are my hair inspiration pictures that I clipped to help me prepare. The first (top) is Angelia Jolie. Angie always looks flawless and even a simple half up half down looks so glamorous on her. I also like the bright yellow color of her dress. 

The next day I want to do a wavy hairstyle. My hair is naturally wavy so this won't require a lot of styling for me. When I wear my hair down naturally I usually add a spritz of hairspray to hold everything in place and usually one or two bobby pins to hold everything in. I like how Megan's wavy hair looks great with her tan. It appears like she just spent two weeks at the beach. 

Day three I am going to go super straight with my hair style. My inspiration is Rachel Bilson. The eyeliner here looks great and her hair is the epitome of perfectly straightened hair. When I straighten my hair I usually use a strong hold hairspray so it stays put and doesn't start to curl up again. 

On the fourth day I plan on doing an updo. I am still not sure what kind of updo I want to do and am looking on the internet for more inspiration.

On the fifth way I plan on wearing a headband or sparkly piece. I visited several stores and vintage shops over the weekend to try to find something that would work well but I have not had any luck. Good thing is that I still have a few weekends left before the big week so I am still on the lookout. 

On day six I plan on going curly. My inspiration is going to be Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I love how curls work so well with her face and make her look more dressy no matter what she is wearing. I do know she has a good collection of wigs/hair pieces that are perfectly styled but still this is an inspiration.  

On the last day I am still working on that. Stay tuned to future posts. 

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