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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day gift ideas - for women

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and January has just flown by. What are you getting that someone special for Valentine's Day? Most Americans celebrate valentines day by exchanging cards, going to dinner, exchanging gifts or going to events. What should you get that special lady in your life? Well, it depends on your relationship with her and also on your budget. One of the easiest way to gain insight is to ask general questions about what someone likes. 

If your budget is around 10 dollars:
Cherry Cordial
Godiva chocolate covered cherries ($10)

Another idea is a bouquet of flowers. For the best deals, check out your local grocery stores and trader joes. A majority of time these flowers are a lot better deal then the floral delivery (which can easily cost 50 for a bouquet that cost 5 in a grocery store.) 

Another idea is a thoughtful card. Papyrus makes very beautiful and memorable cards for your loved one. 

Under 20 dollars:

Fashion jewelry or small sterling silver jewelry. 
Studio S Women's Textured Double-Teardrop Earrings - Goldtone at Sears.com

Check out stores like Forever 21, Sears, and small local shops. Ebay also has a good selection to chose from of unique hand crafted jewelry items. If you do order something from ebay and it comes from China it may take 4-6 weeks to arrive but I have seen can order come in within a few days. Check user ratings. 

Under 100 dollars:

Fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant. 

Under 500 dollars:
Designer shoes, designer bags, or another item she has been eyeing for the past months. With designer items be sure to shop online and comparison shop different websites. Ask her what brands she likes and doesn't like. 

A classic leather bag, like this one from Michael Kors, is sure to last her many years. Go to your local mall and check out different stores. Each store has their own price for the same item. Case in point this bag from Michael Kors was full price at the Michael Kors store but 30% off at Macys. Also ask about the return policy just in case. 

Also the vintage market for high end handbags is hot hot hot. The only problem is those that are likely to buy vintage may not be able to afford the item at full price or not be familiar with the brand. Do your research before you buy. A vintage Dior bag can run under $200 on the internet but the same one can be $800 in a consignment shop. 

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