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Monday, January 27, 2014

Warby Parker - The epitome of New York cool

Warby Parker is the epitome of New York cool and I can't really think of any other shop in the New York area that is an eyeglasses shop and has such amazing street cred. Far from the typical shop for those of us who wear glasses Warby Parker aims to be an experience rather then just picking out a pair of glasses so you don't run into a door or fall down the subway stairs. 

A few other stores and showrooms are now open (LA anyone, Richmond, VA. One of the things that drew me to the store is that for every pair of glasses that are bought, one pair is donated to those in need. Knowing that when you buy a pair another person who may not be able to afford a pair of glasses (which if you think about it, how much can do you if you can't really see) is amazing. 

The store caters to men and women and the best part is they carry sunnies and regular glasses. Some of my favorites from the sunglasses collection are the Willow (top below ) and the Liv (bottom below). The Liv would look awesome on a trip to the beach with an amazing tote and a scarf. The classic cat eye Willow is a timeless design that will never go out of style. You can visit their site and check out women's sunglasses by clicking here. :



From the regular optical collection my favorites are:
The Carlen
The Langston

I like that both of these designs are very classic and perfect for work. With a pair of glasses I prefer that they are timeless, classic and will go with everything from a business suit to a pair of jeans. You can visit their site and check out glasses by clicking here.

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