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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wei Mud Mask

Rarely do I try a skin product sample and like it so much that I buy the full size product that night. Well, I did just that when I tried the Wei Golden Root mud mask. I got this when I ordered a package off of Sephora as a free sample and had it by my mirror for a few days. I finally decided to use it on Sunday because I was super tired and wanted an at home spa treatment. So I put on the mask with a clean brush that I had at home and allowed it to dry on my face. Most masks become really tight when they dry on your face and very dry but this one remained soft but did sink in. I would add a candle or too, a warm bath with bubbles and some good music for a spa night in. 

*This actually has two different types of packaging. A few years ago this sold in a bottle just like most masks. Now it is sold as these little cups with a brush. I think it makes it more presentable as a gift but the product is the exact same one as the one in the bottle. A brush can cost you a few dollars in a beauty supply store and travel size containers if you want to treat yourself on the go can also be bought in a beauty supply store like Sally Beauty. 

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