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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Preparing for a day at Fashion Week

The day before fashion week I am working and thinking of the big day tomorrow. The weather is New York has turned worse and there is a even snow predicted over the weekend. This winter has definitely been colder and snowier or so it seems with the winter vortex. 

Here are my final plans for the big day:

Makeup: I am doing eye makeup that is heavily defined on the first day. The focus is going to be on my eyes. I saw this photo of Kourtney Kardashian and it will be my inspiration. To create this look I am using Physicians Formula eyeliner pen in black, Milani pencil on my inner and outer waterline, a very neutral shimmer under my eyebrow, and foundation and bronzer on my face. For the lipstick I will use a light pink color. 
Nails: I did a gel manicure in a neutral shade. I need the color to last all this week and not chip so I visited my go to salon and got this done. On average a gel manicure can last about 2 weeks. I chose a light pink shade for the Fall 2014 shows which are hosted in Feb of 2014. 

Hair: I will do super straight hair on the first day. I think it will work well with the Cleopatra style eye makeup.

Outfit: Footwear is going to be important with all the snow and ice New York could get hit with this weekend. I plan on wearing a pair of over the knee boots with my outfit tomorrow. What exactly am I wearing? Check tomorrow to see.

After parties: Still working on that as well. As you can see Fashion week is a lot of prep work and for the after parties I usually switch into a new outfit as well.  

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