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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is really in those Fashion week swag bags?

One of the benefits of fashion week is getting to try some new products. A lot of people ask me what is in the swag bags (meaning the gift bags at the shows) for those who attend. It varies greatly and in most shows those sitting in front row which are usually celebrities, bloggers, famous people, get the best gift bags. Some gift bags I have gotten in fashion week have t shirts, sunglasses, small leather goods (such as a keychain or small card holder), and most contain some sort of cosmetic product. 

One of my favorite bags was a few seasons ago. I got a bag filled with Maybelline goodies before they were in the stores. The bag had eyeliner, gel eyeliner, pen eyeliner, a blush, foundation, concealer, three eye shadows, and lip balm. I was very happy with the swag bag because I am a big fan of cosmetics although on a daily basis I wouldn't wear all of it at once. :)

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