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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kendra's Fashion Challenge Day Two

For today's post (day 2 of 7) I am doing a collaboration with Kendra Thornton of Thornton PR. Kendra writes:

This year, I get to take my kids on a trip to Orlando! I’m already having a ball planning outings for us to enjoy together during our stay. I’ve definitely decided that we need to spend a day together at Epcot. We’ll have lunch together and maybe catch a show in this unique spot. Who knows what celebrities we may see?! Goofy, pooh or even cinderella! :)  I expect to encounter several photo opportunities, so I want to look my best for our day out! I am so happy that one of my favorite bloggers reached out to me! Yana is so talented and extremely creative with her fashion choices. I can’t wait to see what kind of looks she creates for me while I’m at Epcot. I found a ton of really neat venues at Epcot through a website gogobot. They gave first hand reviews about just about everywhere!  The city of Orlando has become a hive of vacationing activity, and the locals welcome visitors from all over the globe. I love the family-friendly nature of this city. Many attractions even feature amenities specifically designed for families with young children. People of all ages find plenty to do and enjoy here. Regardless of what plans we make while in Orlando, I know I’ll enjoy myself the most when I’m dressed my best!

To get some inspiration I visited my local mall to check out some new trends and styles. One of the top trend I kept seeing in many stores was the t shirt dress. 

Another hot trend, if you are following fashion blogs in general, is a jeweled headband. Sometimes these can be reworked as belts as well. I have included two different price points for this trend in today's post. 

Headband at amazon.com - only 99 cents
OR there is a higher quality one sold at thatmadonnagirl.com for $25. This one can also be worn as a belt. 

Off-the-shoulder Dress

This dress from Victoria Secret will work very well for Kendra. The color will compliment her hair and eye color very well. 


These Jimmy Choo sunglasses are super cool and a classic shape that will work well season after season.

These Ankle tie sandals from Asos will also work very well for Kendra's trip for the day. I like that these are easy to walk in but still trendy with the ankle ties. 

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors  Large Camden Drawstring Shoulder Tote
And lastly a tote by Michael Kors to carry everything inside. This tote is gold leather and will last for many trips to come. The gold color makes this tote super versatile and easy to combine with many different outfits. 

My choice for a bikini for today is this one by Beach Bunny that can be found at Bloomingdales:


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