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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shoes Trends (Cutouts, Jewels and Clear) all under $150 dollars

Forever 21
bebe Nia Peeptoe Mesh Shootie
bebe Skylar Strappy Sandals

Not all beautiful shoes have to be super expensive. I love that there are options under $150 for a trendy sandal. Clear, cutouts and jewels are going to be the top trends. I love the section at Bebe, Forever 21, and Guess for shoes that look good and are good quality.

One thing that differentiates these shoes from the most expensive shoes is the heels here are a little thicker and more stable. For most women this is a good thing. Another thing that is different is the stitching on these shoes is a lot thicker. Again, this is a very fine detail that most women are not going to notice at a few feet away and for most women means the shoes will be more durable. Which trends are you going to try this season?

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