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Sunday, May 4, 2014

107.3 Style Swap at Roof Bethesda

Yesterday I attended the 107.3 Style Swap at Roof Bethesda. The premise was simple. Bring 10 items in excellent or very good condition with no damage (no holes, stains, exc.) that were current (so no clothes from 1996), and in season. Obviously pick out things that someone can still wear and enjoy. For each item that you brought you would get a ticket. Once all the clothes were out, at 1:30 PM the swap would begin and you could pick out anything that you liked. You would pay with the tickets at the exit. 

The venue was the beautiful new rooftop terrace called "Roof" in Bethesda. This is currently the only roof top bar and restaurant in the area and it is stunning to say the least. I arrived super early and was able to take photos before a lot of stuff was placed on the racks. When it was time to swap these racks and more were filled with beautiful clothes for people to swap. The back tables were used for shoes and accessories. 

The view was amazing and the weather were perfect. Almost 75 degrees! I grabbed a drink at the bar and enjoyed one of the complimentary cupcakes. There were two flavors. One was red velvet and one was a nutty flavor. It was a very beautiful, warm and sunny day. 

Giveaways were also plentiful. I got a new Taylor Swift T shirt and an ipad case. There were also nail files and cup holders that were given away. Every 15 minutes someone won Lady Gaga tickets for the concert in a few weeks. People could also order lunch at the bar and the fried artichokes were very delicious. They looked like fried potatoes at first but I tried some with an amazing dip and it was to die for. 

I am glad I wore flats because when the host was counting down everyone ran to the racks to begin swapping. I remember the night before I was looking through my closet for things that I think others would also enjoy. A lot of things I brought in were new or new without tags. I tried to pick things that were universally flattering like a black designer maxi dress from Nordstrom, a pair of black Ann Klien patent pointy toe pumps, water color style skirt and so on. Obviously because this is a trade the goal is to pick out stuff that others can still enjoy. (Rather then stuff that needs to be donated). There were women from all walks of life there, different sizes, and different styles. 

I wish I had brought more accessories as these seemed to be the hot items. I visited Reddz the day before and was under the impression the jewelry and bags had to be higher end and that was not the case at all. 

I was very pleased with the swap. I picked up a beautiful pair of Dior sunglasses, a coach tote bag, and a sunny yellow sequin top among other items. One of my favorites was this pair of vintage fan style earrings. I felt like people brought in very good stuff. I hope I made someone's day and someone definitely made mine as well. 

I hope the radio station hosts more events like this because it's great for the community, great for the environment, it is free for attend, and it is a lot of fun. I felt that people were also very happy with the event. I also feel like since this was the first time the radio station 107.3 hosted this event they really set the bar high and am looking forward to more events from them.  

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