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Monday, May 5, 2014

How to restore a Canvas Coach Bag

So, you have a Coach bag you have loved to death or bought a Coach bag on Ebay, a consignment shop or traded with a friend and noticed the bag is in need of a little bit of TLC. How do you restore the bag without incurring costs that exceed the price of the bag? Some dry cleaners want $30-40 just to clean a bag which doesn't really make a lot of sense. 

Some stains are extremely hard to get rid of (paint, ink and nail polish can be very tricky.) 

However, dust and wear and tear of everyday use is easy to restore.

Toys r Us sells Baby Detergent for under 20. There are also travel size versions available in the store for under $5. :

Remove all contents of the purse including any Coach key chains attached. 

Use a stain pre treat on areas that are soiled. I like spray and wash. If you don't have a pretreatment you can always use a bit of the detergent directly on the area that is soiled (particular on the bottom of a bag). 

Place the bag in a washing machine that is front load on a gentle cycle (medium or low speed.)

When the cycle is done straighten out the bag and use a pants hanger to air dry. I usually hang the pants hanger in my shower. 

Let the bag dry completely before wear. 

The photo on top is a picture of a bag that I restored. I needed to wash it 2x but the end result is a bag that looks like new. There are some shadows in the pictures but the bag itself looks like new now that I have restored it. The top handles are a patent leather and the detergent I used was gentle enough for leather. However I do not recommend washing a completely leather bag this way. 

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