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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jennifer Lopez at Billboards 2014 inspired makeup

Am I the only one who was floored when I saw J Lo at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. I was watching tv and this look is just as show stopping as the green Versace look she wore many years ago. Another thing that J Lo does to really make herself stand out is her amazing makeup.

J Lo's makeup artist uses contouring makeup and flattering tones to really emphasize J Lo's beauty. Faux lashes and a good hair cut, color and style also make a difference.

To recreate this look at home you will need:

foundation primer
foundation in your shade
foundation that is slightly lighter than your shade
foundation that is slightly darker than your shade
faux lashes
liquid liner
mascara- I recommend Diorshow
lip liner-I recommend Revlon
lip gloss- I recommend Revlon
eyeliner- I recommend Victoria's Secret 
bronze eye shadow- I recommend Maybelline

Explaining how to contour via text can be a little bit tricky so I have included a link to a youtube video blogger to explain how Kim Kardashian, J Lo and other stars get that look here.

Once you apply the foundation (as seen in the video link) apply bronzer.

Apply bronze eye shadow to your enter lid and in the crease. Apply liquid liner to the top part of your eye. Allow the liner to dry, and then apply one set of faux lashes. Apply a pencil liner to your bottom lashes. Add two coats of mascara.

Line your lips in a shade 2 x lighter than your natural tone. Apply a light colored gloss.

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