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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ocean City - Travel Post

I love a good road trip and getting away from the city. Sometimes you want to go somewhere without actually stepping on a flight and ocean city is a great escape for those in the DC area. There are plenty of hotel options and fun things to do.

I also like that Ocean city is a casual place. Most of the restaurants are casual and I can feel at ease in a t shirt and shorts in most places. One place that I must go to if I am in the area is Candy Kitchen.

Candy Kitchen sells candies, fudge, small gifts and stuffed animals, and lots of goodies. I always go straight for the hand made chocolates. The almond bark and the fudge are REALLY good. If you only get a 1/4 pound of the fudge it is 3-4 dollars which is not that bad because it is so rich it may take you a few days to finish it. 

During my most recent trip I had this drink called a pome-aide. It was lemonade on the bottom, then orange juice, and then pomegranate juice. I loved it and will be trying this at home as well. It's ombre and it tastes great and is refreshing on a very hot summer day. 

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