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Friday, August 8, 2014

Linge Ballet Flat - Luxuriously soft leather flats

Black Ballet Shoes, Black Ballet Slippers, Black Ballet Flats

It is hard to find the perfect pair of ballet flats. I needed a pair of flats that I can wear after events, travel, or my big business trip that are soft, comfortable, and can withstand the wear of everyday life. Ligne Ballet flats are the answer to my style challenge. I love that fact that these are made entirely from leather and they are super soft. There is a strap that can be worn as is, tightened or hidden in the inside of the shoe. They can be folded inside your purse for easy travel. 

Here is some information directly from their website:

Linge Shoes has created a comfortable, high quality, brightly colored ballet shoe for every occasion. Linge means, "the line presented by the dancer's body" in italian ballet.  By combining the classic line of the traditional ballet slipper with bright, stylish colors; lingeshoes are the perfect staple ballet flat for every woman's wardrobe.  
Linge Shoes are elegant, comfortable and stylish ballet flats.  Perfect for any situation; for a night out on the town to spice up your favorite little black dress; keep a pair in the office to change into; throw a pair into your carry-on for long flights;  add a pair to your purse to change into after a long night out in high heels. lingeshoes can be worn anytime and taken everywhere.  They are the perfect addition to every woman's wardrobe.  
Caramel Ballet Shoes, Caramel Ballet Slippers, Caramel Ballet Flats

These shoes come in almost every color under the Sun. From the classic black ballet flat to the bright red statement flat to the perfect for fall nude ballet flat. They are also available in baby or kids sizes which is a huge plus. The sizes do run a little on the small size. I usually am a 7.5 and I think a 9 would be perfect in terms of sizing. You can visit the website to find out more information by clicking here.

Personally these are my favorite ballet flats. I am currently in NYC and am able to neatly fold these into my purse. After having long day it feels amazing to slip into a pair of these. I like how easy these are to walk in and travel around with. The black ballet flats literally go with everything. 

I love these shoes. They are so soft and easy to walk in. I am wearing these today when I am going to explore New York. 

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