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Friday, January 23, 2015

Fashion week preview - what's in my bag Spring 2015

Villabella Avenue Quinn

Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter
This fashion week is in February in New York which can be very cold. I always bring an extra tube of lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. 

One of my must haves this season is a scarf. My favorite is this Louis Vuitton silk scarf. I love the quality and attention to detail on this 100% silk scarf. 

Another thing is inside of Lincoln center I always am in the mood for a snack but there selection isn't always the greatest inside of the tents. That combined with the fact that it can be very cold and good food can be a walk away I usually carry some sort of goodies in my bag. Last season it was chocolate covered pretzels. Whatever I carry is stored inside of a plastic zip lock bag if there is a possibility of it melting. Other favorites include Quaker cereal bars, and gummy bears. The good thing is there is always water and some sort of soda inside of the tents. 

Another favorite are flats. After being in heels all day it can be a great relief to step into a pair of comfy flats. And these fold up very well in a bag. 

What are your favorites to take along to fashion week? 

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