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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Friday, February 6, 2015

Mason Pearson brush review and dupe

I heard many good things about the Mason Pearson brush. The first time I saw this brush was when I visited my hairdresser for a haircut. She said she had the brush for many years and it looked almost new to me. The brush has both natural and synthetic bristles and it meant to really massage your scalp. After leaving the salon I attributed the overall look in part to the supplies used and in part to the experience of the hairdresser. I decided to look up the brush on Amazon and was surprised to find out it was several hundred dollars. 

I ended up buying a Denman brush (it was about 14 on Amazon) as it was very similar. After brushing half my hair with the Denman and half with the Mason I found very little difference between the two except for cost. 

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