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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, February 8, 2016

Spring Cleaning - Ideas for More Storage Spaces on a Budget

Whitmor 3-Tier Shelves with 2 Collapsible Drawers, Gray

Instead of buying a dresser I wanted something inexpensive and portable to reorganize one of my closets. This Whitmore Shelf was just the thing I needed to clean up my closet. The first thing I did was replace all of the wooden hangers in the closet to space saver thin hangers. 

Afterwards, I found I had things that were better folded and stored flat and I needed some shelves. Comparing prices I did not want to install storage in the closet so I bought this off of amazon. 

I added two additional storage bins that I got in home goods. This storage shelf is just excellent and has the capacity to store many things in tight spaces such as a smaller home, a dorm, or just a room where you want to store things but don't want the bulk of a big shelf. 

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