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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Reader request - First day on the job and on a budget

I got a reader request this weekend asking for advice on what to wear on the first day at work at a financial firm. The reader was on a budget and her first day of work was just in a week. My best advice in that situation is to try stores like h&m, your local thrift/consignment shops, and to take advantage of a capsule wardrobe.

Many people make a big mistake and buy a whole wardrobe before they start work. This can be a financial disaster. Until you start working, you really don't know how people in your office dress. Business casual can be really casual or it can be a blazer and closed toe shoes daily.

Assuming we are talking about a financial institution (bank, mortgage broker, financial planner) most of the people dress conservatively daily. There is a potential for relaxed Fridays. 

So, on the first day of work I would take a dress jacket- like the one above from H&m for under $35. I would add a white button down shirt and a black skirt.

 White House Black Market Size 8 Ruffle Button Down Blouse Shirt Long Sleeve

For shoes I would wear closed toe flats and wear "hidden" ballet shoe socks for added comfort like these by Hue. 

HUE Hidden Cotton Liner 4-Pair Pack Women's No Show Socks Shoes Black/Cream Assorted : SM/MD (Women's Shoe 4-7)

For makeup I would only recommend neutral or natural colors. Same with lip color. And I would closely look at what others in the office wore, and then build up my wardrobe from that. 

There are many online consignment stores such as ThredUP, Ebay, and many more for those on a budget. Thrift doesn't mean trash as many stores now have strict standards for items they accept. 

Good luck on your first day!!!

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