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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - for the ladies

Image result for Sephora Favorites Scent the Look Deluxe Perfume Sampler

One very popular Valentine's Day Gift is perfume. One thing I like about Sephora is that they sell a Deluxe Perfume Sampler. For $65 (the same as a single bottle of perfume) you get deluxe samples of a bunch of perfumes, plus a certificate to redeem for a full size of any one of the bottles. Not only is it a great value, it's a great idea. 

Image result for godiva chocolate
Another one of my favorites to give for Valentine's is the Godiva gift box. I like it more than most gifts because almost everyone I know loves chocolate.

Image result for michael kors wallet
Another good gift idea is a statement gift. One year I got my mom a wallet she really wanted by Michael Kors. It is easier to get one of these if the person has been dropping hints. 

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  1. For a man, Wallets are not just for carrying around some cash and cards. It’s a snapshot of a man’s live. Along with cash and cards, a man carries a picture of his loved one and children. For any active men, the wallet is something that is necessary.
    That’s why a Wallet is a Great Valentine Gift for Men!