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A travel, fashion and lifestyle blog

Monday, February 20, 2017

Plastic Mason Jar - Packing Idea

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Another conference this week so I will be on the road again. I got an idea for travel when I saw these plastic mason jars in Michael's one weekend. (Amazon and Ebay also has them.) Take one mason jar and fill with travel size beauty samples for your trip. 

25/50/100/200 Clear Plastic Cosmetic Sample Containers - 5 Gram (Pack 25)
These tiny travel containers are available on amazon and ebay. They run around $6.29 for 25 or so. This works great if you want to take lots of different products with you, but you want to travel light. I tried this on my previous trip and I really liked that I had a sample of my hair mask, and other products without having to lug many 1 oz containers. 

I added some tape to all of the "sample" containers so that I wouldn't worry about spilling anything. It actually worked pretty well and I will continue doing this. 

Plastic jars are better than the glass ones because they are less likely to shatter or break.  

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